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Fly Blue Crane is a public blog site to help and suggest the best international airlines, tips on safety flying, and the top destination for you and for your family. The Fly Blue Crane has a strong commitment to help travellers who are travelling to a foreign land and give advice about the do’s in the foreign land we also provide information to all the affordable and quality timely services of different international airlines. Our excellent writers’ determination to give you information about the best airlines in the world.

With our well-motivated and highly-skilled workforce committed to our traveller’s comfort and safety, we are devoted to making your journey convenient before your arrival at your destination. We operate a speedy check-in process without compromising security and safety, which are watchwords in the aviation industry.


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Our Testimonials

Jason Smith

When my wife and I were planning our honeymoon, we were referred to Fly Blue Crane a blog site that focuses on different international airlines by a mutual friend. We were already so busy planning our wedding, the thought of planning our honeymoon as well became a stress point. We discovered that there were no upfront costs associated with the planning, and all we had to do was let their team know our ideal honeymoon plans and they were able to put together an amazing itinerary and find us the best options for our dream honeymoon.

Jessica Ramirez

I'm thankful that I encounter this blog site because of this I did not only know what airlines is most convenient for me to travel but also the safety tips and suggested destination was very helpful for someone like me who is a first time travelling alone.

Dwayne Rox

I was on a United flight departing from Honolulu when the take-off was aborted due to engine trouble. With over 300 people on board, there were many people who were going to have to rebook their travel. Not only was I able to get booked ahead of the throngs of the others because of Fly Blue Crane's suggestions, but they also recommended me to a available first-class.


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