Fun and Exciting Games You Can Play While on a Plane

You don’t have to stare at the space for lack of what to do during the long hours of flight. The in-flight entertainment system is always the best option, but what happens when there is a technical issue on the system?

You shouldn’t lack an idea when you know you can play games to pass the time when on air. Although you may wish to play physical games, that may not be possible.

Both pro and beginners in table tennis can exercise their skills using ping pong mobile game apps.

The bulkiness of the tennis tables is a hindrance to enjoy the game while on air, but you can opt for the virtual version to still sharpen your skills.

You get to understand the bouncing of the rubber to ensure the ball reaches your opponent.

With that remote view of the game, you can emulate it when playing in the real world. Look at renowned tennis players going to international competition. Don’t you think this virtual game can be crucial for them?

There are many offline games you can play from your phone and still practice when in the real field. Table tennis is a good game for these reasons.

  • Improves your reflex action
  • Enhances your hand and eye coordination
  • Boosts your mental acuity
  • Sharpens your brain
  • Maintains balance

Fun and Exciting Games you can play while boarding a Plane

The moment you are on air, you have a connectivity challenge. Unless there is a wi-fi connection on the plane, you can communicate with family and friends as you update them on your journey.

What happens when this fails, yet, mobile data also use out of the question? Playing games is the best option.

With that in mind, you can consider other activities too like

  • Finishing your book content
  • Reading a novel
  • Learn a new language from an app(download them before the trip)
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Listen to motivational speech with an offline version
  • Engage in hands-on skills like knitting
  • Stretch and practice yoga exercise

1. Pocket travel games

Space and weight are always a hindrance to what to pack for your plane trip. At the same time, you need to do something that keeps you busy while up the skies.

Therefore a pocket travel game is the right solution. Cards are among the many pocket games available in the market.

They help you to sharpen your creative skills and improve your mental acuity. You don’t have to have a partner to carry it.

 You never know who your seatmate in the plane becomes. Some are social and good enough to engage in such activities.

2. Board games

Chess, draughts, scrabble, and monopoly are examples of the most popular board games with a touch of both traditional and modern settings.

Their portability and easy-to-learn platforms make it an excellent option to play a game on the plane.

If you are looking for a mind-engaging activity, then invest in a board game, not only for travel purposes but also as a way of enhancing the family bond.

One advantage of this game is that you can have an online version such that when you are privileged to have a wi-fi connection, you can still enjoy its benefits.

3. Puzzle books

If you are interested in a game that tests your IQ and knowledge base, then puzzle games and books are the best options.

They have both beginners and experts’ versions that help you jungle your mind in different disciplines.

The puzzle allows you to use logic and reasoning to solve a problem. Some of them are tough to a point you go for hours without noticing the time you have used to handle it. 

At the end of it, the flight attendant is announcing to fasten your seatbelt ready for landing. You widen your eyes, wondering, how fast has the time gone?

That is the objective of the game while on an airplane journey.

4. Entertainment apps

As a phone addict, you can’t fail to scroll on different apps to find something to do.

It’s time to figure out your financial state, looking at your to-do list, and generally meditating on the right and wrong things in your life and how you want to have a change.

After all that, you check on time only to realize that you have hours of sitting on the plane.

Before you board a flight, download all the entertainment apps of choice and ensure they have an offline version, in case of internet connectivity failure. It comes in handy during the dull moments in the aviation vessel.

5. The choice of a game

What game have you postponed to learn because of time? If there is a time you are free to do what you can, the things you have procrastinated; then, it’s when traveling on a plane.

You have no sights to see. The clouds are scary and a reminder that you are miles away above the atmosphere.

Instead of imagining and visualizing useless things, find something meaningful to do with your time.

Sleep is not an option.

Remember the time difference phenomenon; you must have slept some hours before the journey, and you might reach your destination when its night too.

It’s obvious; you’ll be awake throughout the entire time. Do something within your area of interest.

As you pack your suitcase for this plane journey, remember to include the stuff you need to pass the time. You will enjoy the trip.