Playing Ping pong in the airport lounge

No matter who you are or where you are going, you are bound to have to wait in an airport at least once in your life. Some airports are quite dull and boring, but some are fun and interactive. No one likes waiting around at airports, especially for a flight in which they will have to endure also doing nothing. Some smart people have come up with the bright idea of adding some funky new items into airports to spice up their waiting times, as well as a chance to stretch their legs.

Ping Pong

Ping Pong originated in the 1880s Victorian-England era and had come a long way in the last century and a half. Ping Pong was generally played by the upper socioeconomic society, usually after the evening meal. During its time in existence, there have been many variations of the sport. Equipment to play is quite simple; you need a plastic ball, usually 40mm in diameter or above, two or four racquets, or paddles, depending
on how many players there are, and of course, a ping pong table with a net, much like a tennis net, however significantly smaller. Each game is the first to 11 points but can be extended or reduced in playing recreationally. Ping Pong can be thought of as a primarily scaled down tennis match.

Stretching your legs

After a long flight, or if you are awaiting boarding for a long trip, it is essential you spread your legs every so often. Some advantages of moving your legs before sitting down for an extended period include; being able to manage soreness in leg muscles and retaining flexibility in leg muscles. Also vital to one’s health is blood flow and circulation. Even merely standing up will allow the blood to flow back down to your legs, allowing you to maintain a comfortable feeling throughout your flight, or wait.

Combining the two

Now that we know a little bit of history behind Ping Pong and the advantages of stretching your legs, it is now time to discuss the two combined in an airport setting. The geniuses at Christchurch International Airport have gone to extraordinary lengths to secure the services of multiple ping pong tables for the outside of their airport departure lounge. This will allow guests to relax and destress before a flight, or after the hectic activities of a family holiday. Ultimately, this concept should be copied at most, if not all, essential hubs around the world. Yes, there may be cafes and duty-free to keep you occupied, but how about the kids? You can leave them here, and while you shop, they will be making new friends, plus you might even save a penny or two at the duty-free stores. Playing ping pong in an airport lounge is a beautiful concept, and serves as a perfect way to pass the time while waiting to board a flight, competitively play and bond with your whole family while using the world-class table tennis equipment and as well as, incorporating some essential health benefits along the way.

With this being said, get in contact with your local airport today and find out how to can change the overall aesthetic and vibe of the departure lounge.